Commit 7a89fc82 authored by Emile Contal's avatar Emile Contal

plot std instead of variance

parent d6feff5d
......@@ -82,7 +82,7 @@ if opt.posterior
if opt.plot
[Z,IZ] = sort(Xs(:,1));
plot(Z, mu(IZ), 'k');
fill([Z; flipdim(Z,1)], [mu(IZ)+2*s2(IZ); flipdim(mu(IZ)-2*s2(IZ),1)], ...
fill([Z; flipdim(Z,1)], [mu(IZ)+2*sqrt(s2(IZ)); flipdim(mu(IZ)-2*sqrt(s2(IZ)),1)], ...
[7 8 7]/8, 'EdgeColor','None', 'FaceAlpha',.8);
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